‘Twas the Week before Christmas

24hr Snow 48 cm 7 Day Snow 116 cm Snowbase 211 cm
Alpine Temp -7 °C Valley Temp -3 °C Conditions Deep Light Pow!

Everyone went to bed last night knowing today was going to be THE day. We have already received plenty of snow this season, so it’s not like we haven’t been spoilt already but last night we got pounded by the lightest snow we basically ever see. Everywhere you look, whatever you look at, it’s buried :) So probably half the town didn’t sleep a wink.

I doubt anyone was disappointed. Fantastic day in fantastic snow. Patrol got everything opened quickly so we had plenty of Pow! to play in. Check out the video, cheers to Mike and Hilary :)


  1. This is a great video post. I have never been to Whistler, but I would definitely enjoy going! Thanks for sharing.