Sunny Afternoon of Powder Skiing

24hr Snow 14 cm 7 Day Snow 62 cm Snowbase 255 cm
Alpine Temp -6 °C Valley Temp 2 °C Conditions Sunny

Dean's Adieu

I am not 100% positive but I think the face in the photo above is called Dean’s Adieu – can anyone verify?

I haven’t skied much lately :( but I managed to get up this afternoon to enjoy some powder skiing in the sun :)

Showcase Tbar

The temperatures have been a little on the warm side lately, resulting in slightly heavy snow – but at least we have been getting some. The base is now reported at over 2 and a half metres, and overall the coverage is pretty darn good.

Today the mountain was empty, at least while I was up there (after lunch), and I skied straight onto every chair. The snow on the Blackcomb glacier and in the Crystal zone was great, as mentioned a little heavy but still a lot of fun. Apparently the morning was a bit foggy with only patches of sunshine, but by the time I got up there the sun was out in full force and the visibility was perfect. Definitely a fun day, especially when it’s been close to a week since my last.

A couple of photos to finish: Stupid East, Surfs Up and Double Rubble (lookers right of Surfs Up)

Stupid East

Surfs Up

Double Rubble


  1. It was great up blackcomb first thing this morning with the cloud just sitting at the bottom of Solar. Although the angry snowboarder in the lineup for Wizard this moring who decided to start a fight with a poor random guy was a sight. Are we not all here for fun??