New Harmony and Crystal Chairs

Update: The 3D Map of Whistler has been updated to show the new Harmony and Crystal chairs, along with a access route called Crystal Glide. There are also a couple of other minor additions and corrections.

Today, Whistler Blackcomb officially announced that they are upgrading the Harmony Chair to a 6-Pack, and at the same time they announced that Crystal Chair will be replaced by a High-Speed Quad. Both chairs are expected to be operational for next season (2013/14).

Installing a 6-Pack in Harmony is long overdue, since the current chair (a high-speed quad) often has some extremely long lift-lines. This is because the Harmony chair accesses a huge area that is a favourite of many people. It is also the main way to access the Symphony zone.

New Crystal Chair

The New Crystal Chair is in a slightly different location, with it’s load station being situated on the Blackcomb Glacier ski-out Road (near the bottom of Rock n Roll). It will continue to unload in the same place. This new high-speed quad will greatly decrease the time it takes to track out Crystal zone :( It will also shorten the time it takes to lap areas such as Spankys and the Blackcomb Glacier, which is a good thing :)

I expect they are going to do some MAJOR summer grooming in order to enable skiers to reach the bottom of the new Crystal chair. Currently there is a relatively long, slightly uphill section to be crossed to get from the bottom of the existing Crystal chair to the new location.