Martin Luther King Weekend

24hr Snow 3 cm 7 Day Snow 20 cm Snowbase 197 cm
Alpine Temp -15 °C Valley Temp -5 °C Conditions Cold/Sunny

Blackcomb Glacier

What fantastic conditions for our American friends to enjoy their Martin Luther King long weekend. Clear skies and cold temperatures after some fresh snow falling Thursday/Friday. There wasn’t a lot of fresh, around 10cm (~4 inches), but it was light and fluffy. I have to admit that -15C (5F) is a bit too cold for me, but I also have to admit it makes great snow for skiing. Visibility was perfect and I saw and heard a lot of happy people around the mountain today.

Normally American long weekends can be a bit of a gong show, and I heard yesterday was kind of busy but today was really quiet. I uploaded around 10:30 which is normally the worst time to do that, yet I skied onto Wizard chair (and base 2 Blackcomb gondola didn’t have a line either). I didn’t see any lift lines (2-3 minutes at most) during my few hours up there.

The video below shows the Blackcomb glacier, and while it was a bit choppy, the skiing was excellent. The current forecast is also looking excellent :)