Good ‘Powder’ Friday

24hr Snow 13 cm 7 Day Snow 84 cm Snowbase 366 cm
Alpine Temp -6 °C Valley Temp +2 °C Conditions Pow / Soft Pack

Top of Excelerator

Happy Easter everyone!

Today was 50/50 – the snow is still fantastic, coverage is the best I have seen and there is plenty of powder to go around. The bad news was the high winds in the alpine along with poor visibility. I am not sure about Whistler mountain, but on Blackcomb, 7th Heaven chair closed early because of the winds and the T-bars never opened. Glacier chair and Spankys was open, and I heard Spankys was good, but didn’t end up checking it out. Instead, we stuck to below the wind level, and in the trees to maximize the visibility.

So we spent most of our time in Crystal zone, and had a great time. I even got shown a new line around CBC trees area – 2 nice powder stashes separated by a steep gully.

I should also mention it was pretty busy up until 1pm-ish. It was to be expected as it is Easter weekend, and we have had a lot of snow recently (and more in the forecast). Below is a photo of the line at Excelerator chair around 10am – quite big, and around 15 minutes wait time. The lines disappeared though, as I expect a number of people didn’t like the winds and vis issues.

Excelerator Chair