Daily Archives: February 6, 2008

If you like skiing powder, you should be at Whistler.

With 18cm of new snow in the last 2 days, and more (15cm each day for the next few days) on the way. Whistlerites are getting a healthy dose of powder this season. Yesterday was amazing, plenty of fresh snow, and next to no lift lines. The winds were very high, which kept the alpines closed, and I think sent a few people home early. However, for those of us willing to sit through windy chair rides, the runs were incredible. The good thing about the wind, was that it was blowing snow over our tracks, and every run was close to be fresh.

Today was more of the same, fresh tracks were to be had everywhere, and even though the winds were still quite strong, both mountains managed to open their alpines relatively early (10am or so) and kept them open throughout the day. Up high, the snow was great, deep in many places, yet wind blown clean in others, you just had to find the pockets of snow to have a great day. The visibility left a little to be desired, as at times you couldn’t see much.

Snow Report:

Snow base of 241 cm, with 18 cm in the last 48 hours.  20 cm expected tonight, with another 10 during the day tomorrow. High winds are expected to stay for the next day or two. Friday 10cm, Saturday 20cm, Sunday 15cm with the freezing level staying in the valley the whole time. The snow on the mountains, especially in the alpine, is in un-believable condition.