Cruising 7th Heaven in the Sun

24hr Snow 0 cm 7 Day Snow 21 cm Snowbase 237 cm
Alpine Temp -5 °C Valley Temp 0 °C Conditions Sunny

Mt Currie and Crystal Hut

Another beautiful day to be on the mountain with lots of sunshine creating perfect visibility and warm air temperatures. Overall the snow was decent and made for some great cruising of the groomed runs. These are the days made for 7th Heaven. Some areas have gone through a melt/freeze cycle making the surface a bit hard but the majority of the time there was no problem getting an edge in.

I’m not sure about the numbers in the table above, since in my last post on Saturday I copied over ’0cm snow for 7 days’ but today it is saying 21cm? I don’t remember it snowing in between. I simply copy the values from the WB site (which was updated at 3pm) so who knows. I think at 3pm it was warmer too.