Blackcomb Alpine Open Already

24hr Snow 5 cm 7 Day Snow 30 cm Snowbase 158 cm
Alpine Temp -7 °C Valley Temp 0 °C Conditions Very Nice

Whistler Mountain

I just had another amazing day skiing Blackcomb. Snow quality is superb and while the season has barely started, our coverage is looking great. Obviously there are still rocks around, but only the usual stragglers with no real surprises.

Blackcomb Glacier is currently out-of-bounds, but probably not for much longer. I enjoyed my two laps through there immensely. Check out the video below.

On the way past, I took these photos of Spankys (which is already open)

Diamond Bowl

Spankys Bottom

Ruby Bowl

A couple more photos in the December gallery.

Mike, Justin, Josh then Tim.