Australia Day – Whistler Style

New Snow 0 cm 7 Day Snow 0 cm Snowbase 123 cm
Alpine Temp -10 °C Valley Temp -7 °C Conditions Hard Packed

Australia Day in Whistler is probably the biggest party of the year. So many employees in town are from Australia, and they all love to show their national pride by going out and getting as drunk as they can ! Quite often you get a couple of (drunk, young, male) Australians who seem to think the best way to celebrate Australia Day, is to ski from the top of the mountains to the village, wearing the least amount of clothing as possible.

For weeks, Aussie workers have been begging, pleading, and blackmailing workmates to swap shifts so they can get today (and hopefully tomorrow) off. Normally you find them lining up in the morning for the Longhorn to open, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to drink on January the 26th.
A lot of the pubs and clubs even go so far as to import Australian beers (such as VB), just for the occasion.

As for the snow conditions, it was another nice sunny morning – then a bit overcast in the afternoon. Still hard packed / ice, which wont change until we get a decent amount of new snow. If you want more detail, refer to the last few days posts.

Anyway, since I too am Australian, and proud of it, it’s time I headed out and joined in the madness !!


  1. Man, I’m not sure who else went up Blackcomb but on the mid mountain to the bottom it’s an absolutely ice cude, just go to your freezer and touch some ice and that ‘s the feel is. I passed people on the way down and the only thing that we could share with each other was feelings of disbelief – what can you do! I just did one run on blackcomb, apparently the glaicier is in much better shape. Whister is keeping it’s grooming much better. I hope there’s snow soon for people coming over becuase at the moment, it needs a dump to soften things up. It’s hard packed like Zell am Zee in March!

  2. Yup, the mountain is pretty hard right now, and it is going to take a decent amount of snow to make it better.
    Lets hope the snow forecast around this weekend and beyond actually shows up !!